Friday, 18 December 2009

I fear people are getting nostalgic about s2s!

Hello everyone! Long time no speak... I trust all is well with you?

After recent discussions with various Spa2summiteers, I had a horrible sinking feeling that a thin layer of nostalgia has started to build up surrounding our "small fundraising adventure", which we may have mentioned to you readers once or twice over the summer months.... (sorry, we all appreciate we must have started driving you all insane, but imagine how it was for us!.. it was every conversation!!)

I must admit, this glaze of wistfulness was rubbing off on me too, the journey, the story, the pride... the camaraderie of a band of brothers etc!! However hopefully with the kind permission of Jamie, whose photos these indeed are, I thought it would be good to post a few of her photos to fill in some gaps....

It was such an epic adventure granted.... but, as you can see from our faces, it was ruddy difficult... and at times painful!!

Signing off... but who knows what 2010 will bring......?