Sunday, 28 December 2008

Spa 2 Summit or Summit 2 Spa

Some discussion that it might be better to do the walk from PyF to Cheltenham rather than the other way round. I can see pros and cons to both:
Spa 2 Summit:
+ Sounds better, having the hill at the end.
+ Better nights sleep before setting off.
- 2 miles from the top of PyF to the car, at the end of 70 miles, could be a soul-crusher.
-Harder to get coverage at the end of the walk.
- The really tough stuff is at the end, which could be a killer. (Do not underestimate PyF, they train the SAS on it!)

Summit 2 Spa
+ Finish in town gives better coverage.
+ The Tavern is 100 yards from where we will finish.
+ An easier (relatively speaking) finish offers the potential to make up time.
- Sleeping in a van, or on top of the hill means not so much sleep.
- Either carrying the sleeping kit with us, or having the support team do it.

I don't think it makes too much difference what sections we do in the dark so that evens out across both options.

I've posted a poll on the blog, please vote and help us decide!

Limbering up...

Out in the Black Mountains today and have the following to report:
Sprained ankle held up.
New boots didn't give me blisters.
The Black Mountains are cool!

The hills are steep.
They're at the end of the walk.
That will hurt.

Also plans are afoot to attend this:

We'll need two months to recover...

Friday, 19 December 2008

The End in Sight!

This is the summit! It's the one in the middle and is 886 metres high.

What is Spa 2 Summit?

It is 70 miles (roughly) from Cheltenham Spa to Pen y Fan, the highest point in southern Britain. The aim of the "Spa 2 Summit" team is to cover that 70 miles, on foot, in 36 hours to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support (

We need your support!

Are you a company that can help with the costs that will incurred? Cool, contact us at Are you an individual who can donate? Brilliant! Go to our JustGiving page at

Let's do it!