Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kids in a Candy Shop!

Team Spa2Summit had a night out in Brecon yesterday. As part of the very kind support that Cotswold Outdoor Brecon have given us, we had the opportunity to have the store to ourselves whilst shopping for vital supplies. I think our biggest worry was "will our credit cards take the strain?" Let's find out...

One of the things that our walk in February brought home to us was the need for lightweight footwear, so that was the first port of call, and it appears that TNF Hedgehogs are the team shoe of choice.
Nicki going above and beyond the call of duty!But I've only got 2 feet!

Of course you're going to need socks as well, and maybe trekking poles, and possibly camelbaks, and wicking baselayers, and waterproofs, and ... well, you get the idea. Jonty, our gadget wrangler, seemed simply to stock up on things that he could use to make fire... Not only did we have the store to ourselves whilst loading up, when we came to pay we were given very generous discounts which made the whole thing even more pleasant. Grant was determined to win the "Biggest Bill" competition (money bill, not duck bill...) yet was pipped at the till by.... actually best the winner stay nameless, I think!
Plastic Meltdown

Laden with Cotswold Outdoor carrier bags we stumbled out in to the streets of Brecon, weary but smiling. Nicki joined us in the pub, where she then proceeded to dispense invaluable information regarding contacts, possible supporters and which pubs not to go in to in Brecon. Very useful!

Many Thanks, Cotswold Outdoor Brecon and enjoy your Stella!

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  1. I think i could get used to the 'having the store to ourselves' shopping experience especially if the staff are as knowledgable, enthusiastic and thoroughly nice as Nicki and the 2 fine fellas who looked after us on wednesday night. Thanks again you guys and hope to see you again soon (maybe even at the summit!).