Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What a difference some training makes!

It can sometimes be hard to notice the increase in fitness that comes from regular training. The progress you make comes in incremental stages, and you just end up not realising what you have achieved. This was brought home to me on Saturday. I went mountain biking with Chris A up on Leckhampton Hill. We cycled up from town, up Bath Road and then Leckhampton Road toward the Dasiybank car park. If you know Cheltenham you know that this road gets steeper and steeper. When you get up to the junction with Old Bath Road it can very often become a grind in the lowest gear you've got, particularly if your bike is geared for descent and not ascent, as mine is.

However, on Saturday not only did I stay in the middle ring, I put the hammer down and positively whizzed (relatively) up to Daisybank. On arrival I felt fine and then proceeded to spend a very pleasant couple of hours blasting round the hill. Next day, no pain! I think this training gubbins is bearing fruit!

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